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Graphite Assembler:

Instant assembling:

ùThe “stacks” are slided at the end of a belt inside the frame holder vertically an then tilted 45░ to complete the assembling with insulator and head plate.

Delayed Assembling:

The “staks” are glued togheter with a graphite product (as shown on picture) to allow easy handling, this solution is the choice for who have different sintering machines with different frame holder.

The machine is designed for the assembling of graphite mould with cold pressed segments for the diamond tools manufacturers. The “stacks” composed by this machine can be treated in 2 different ways.


Techinchal specific:

Assembling 1000 Segments/Hour (3 o 5 Pieces) Assembling 1000 Segments/Hour (5 pieces with spacers)

All standard formats, special format on request

The machine is delivered with two couple of quick-changing graphite stores. Each one can contain for example

- 1900 Plunger mm 40 x 2.2
- 1160 Plunger mm 40 x 3.6
- 580 Plunger mm 24 x 12
- 3800 Plunger mm 20 x 2.2

L mm: 1500
P mm: 850
H mm: 1750
Weight Kg: 300
Eletrical KW:1,5
Compressed air L/min: 120

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This sytem was designed originnaly as a retrofitting for a cold press with poor performances, with our scales the performances raise to 330 pcs/hour with a single step segment and 110 sandwich segment hour, achiving the same weight tollerance.


The system can be adapted for other machine too, for example a cold press with mechanical scale to improve weight precision.

Technical description of 60PSE modify

- Removing of the existing scales wich can be use as desktop scales
- Install, onbord the machine, the new elettronic for weight control and vibration control
- Main elettrical cabinet rewiring
- Software modification
- Mechanical modification to fit in the loading cell

Key benefit of the modify

- Better weight control, dumped doses below 4%
- Autotuning of the vibration, operator need only to digit min. and max. vibration values.
- Better powder flow, the homogeneity of the “powder carpet” on the slide is always good and this can improve the powder distribuition on segments.
- Weightin time always below 10 seconds
- Increase of machine productivity of 80% Ex. 330 single layer or 120 sandwich segments por hour

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

PL001 - PL002

This pallettizer is design for front-mould exit machine where the pallettizer need to be moved away from the machine to allow die changing. It shares the same techincal carachteristic with the Pl002

This pallettizer is design for side-mould exit machine and it can be fixed on the machine itself while it will be in a position where no working zone need to be accesed. It shares the same techincal carachteristic with the Pl001

PL001 - PL002
Picking segments from the cold press and put it ordered inside a box or on a tray, is the first step to automate the production cycle and also avoid breaking of the thinner segments wich are hard to manually handle. Another benefit is that the cold press can work unatennded during break time or even during night time. With the two model shown here we can cover 100% of the actual cold press on the market

The machine is designed to put cold pressed segments ordered insde a box or on a tray. Filling of the box done layer after layer to avoid segment falls Single or multiple layer positioning Standard dimension for the box are 240mm by 200mm wich allow to place for example:

- 6 pieces of 40mm segments for each row
- 10 pieces of 40mm segments for each row
- 12 pieces of 40mm segments for each row

Upon request the pallettizer can be built for any box/tray dimension.



Capacity of the pallettizer design to work all the powder contained in the cold press scales Positioning of the segment by a controlled axis with a precision of 0,1 mm Possibility to put the row one close to the other (for use the segment with another machine, Ex. Mg001) or leave space between row to allow manual handling.

The pallettizer is sold equipped to work with 3 segment size, extra size on request Any cold press on the market, volumetric cold press too, can be equipped with PL001 or PL002 no matter of the speed.

Optional telephone call to a preset number, on a confirmed allarm for unattended work.

Optional weight control to each segments for quality assurance.

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